Ramsey AT, Chiu A, Baker T, Smock N, Chen J, Lester T, Jorenby DE, Colditz GA, Bierut LJ, Chen LS. Care-paradigm shift promoting smoking cessation treatment among cancer center patients via a low-burden strategy, Electronic Health Record-Enabled Evidence-Based Smoking Cessation Treatment (ELEVATE). Translational Behavioral Medicine, published online July 17, 2019.

This work was supported by the National Cancer Institute, the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Grant numbers P30 CA091842-16S2, K12 DA041449, R35 CA197573, P01 CA180945, R01 CA190025, R01DA038076, P30 CA091842, R01 DA036583, Ul1 TR0023245.